Posted by: Stev | February 5, 2008

You can improve Adobe Flash

Yes, that’s right. You can bring your contribution to Flash CS4. Just go to the next link and post your comment and the Flash team will read and take into consideration your opinion. Many thanks to Lee Brimelow for this chance.



  1. This is a suggestion for AS3 development: Type declarations for Arrays and Dictionaries.

    var myArray:Array of uint = new Array(uint);

    The “of” operator would place a restriction on the definition of myArray to only accept values of uint. This syntax could allow compile-time error handling, as well as code hinting–maybe even some performance gains.

    Adding the class reference in the new() call may or may not be necessary–but it would constructs an array that complies to the type restriction.

    The same concepts could be applied to Dictionaries.

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